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the silent city (die stille stadt)

this book combines three (german) short stories of ann-christin kumm with thirteen photographs of thomas graichens "the silent city" series. there is a loose connection between the texts and the photographs: "the silent city" - berlin in deep winter. lonesomeness plays a role here, the with each other, which actually is an alongside each other. the figures are lost in environment and feelings, they do not find any real closeness. at the same time it is about calmness, about coming to oneself. the stories are quiet, with silent undertones promising better times. the corresponding black and white images are defined by vastness, emptyness and the coldness of the berlin winter, but also infaqtuate with the beauty and calmness of the snow covering everything. this snow make the busy places of the summer deserted - they contain the memories of life, but not life itself. the layout of the book was done by peter gebert. more information about this project can be found > here < (in german only).
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all texts & images are thomas graichen