thomas graichen - photography

the dream of the ocean - cliches of the sea on polaroid

the works of this project take the viewer to the sea. this place is a great metaphor for cliches such as yearning, distance, perpetual motion and hidden danger. this is where the images start: those quiet miniatures give the viewer starting points to play a game with these sentiments, his own associations and maybe own memories. in addition to the thematic level there is also a formal one. most of the images were taken with an old polaroid camera. thus they are unique and had been at the place of their creation themself. they have seen everything almost "with their own eyes". this stands in contrast to todays evolution in photography where more and more of it gets virtual, arbitrarily transformable, without its own material manifestation. and yet something is different: the pictures are small and you have to approach them for their secrets rather than to gain an overview of them from a respectful distance.
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all texts & images are thomas graichen