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signs & wonders - a collection of hidden details

often i simply take a camera, think of a rough direction or a vague destination and start moving. sometimes i even end up at the imagined destination, other times i end up somewhere completely different using various directions. usually it takes quite some time until i capture the first image, but then it often is like a dam is breaking and one image follows the other from the inspiration of the place and the results of curiosity. i like the abstraction of creating new associations out of the given everyday urban space by choosing a certain perspective. also i like the idea of putting hidden, forgotten or otherwise unnoticed places for a moment into the center of attention, to show how much interesting detail can be discovered in everything we are passing by so quickly every day or which would otherwise remain hidden to us. for me it is more the contemporary urban space by itself rather than any special place which is captured in the images. last but not least there is the idea of freezing time in a constantly changing urban space: nowadays many places i captured in the past are already very different, making the images witnesses stopped in time and showing how it was and no longer is.
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