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sunken metropolis - part I & II

in the project sunken metropolis a fictional metropolis is created from fragments of actual contemporary cities. the name of this construct 'metropolis' has been borrowed from the silent movie classic by fritz lang and some of the images could have come from its scenes. this metropolis is wide and rises high. it is often clearly structured, sometimes very geometric and nature only takes place in designated areas. paradoxically there are no humans to be found in it. what might have been the causes of its eventual demise?

the idea behind this fictional metropolis is to inspire thoughts about the future of urban life. half the population of the planet already lives in cities, and the number is rising. the cities are getting bigger and harder to comprehend. the desire for mobility just creates more and more traffic congestion and overcrowded public transport systems. the longing for nature is increasingly obscured by concrete and asphalt, the air is poor and the view is clouded. nevertheless people seem to be magically attracted by such mega-cities and many of them seem to find their luck in them. will this trend continue within the next few decades?

the fictitious aspect of these works is emphasised by their somewhat unreal character. this is, among other things, due to the sole use of a camera with extremely simple optics. these photographs are not meant as exact templates for architects, but for the mind of the viewer, for its fantasy and thoughts.
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