thomas graichen - photography

the liminality of light - part I & II

this project investigates the liminal areas of photography as a method of dealing with light. here the photographer penetrates into dimensions where time seems to come to a stop and structures suddenly take on a guise different from the accustomed one. in this way he is searching for an abstract presentation of the everyday urban space that surrounds us everywhere. he succeeds in creating a new point of view on the basis of unexpected associations. his characteristic visual idiom is created with the help of the simplest form of the camera known - the pinhole camera. driven by the fascination of its magical lack of focus, and of the (so to speak) minimalistically perfect imperfect pictures that result, he finds the inspiration to depict the spaces he investigates, sometimes using very long exposure times.

the second part of this project is the result of an intensive partnership between the photographer and one of the last silent film pianists still active today, carsten-stephan graf von bothmer. the latter has been accompanying silent films live at the piano for years at the babylon in berlin-mitte and other venues. at this glorious premiere cinema dating from the early florescence of film concert performances of silent films with their still fascinating visual power have now once again become a fixed part of the repertoire of this cinema. in this historic setting the photographer has captured the special atmosphere of such performances, using a pinhole camera with long exposure times. this approach not only succeeds in catching the fleeting moment - every single picture captures the magic of a theatrical presentation of this sort in its totality.
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